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Welcome to Composer and Conductor Jin Zhang's Site

Jin Zhang published his album "Tracing" in 2008. The production received grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

The CD was anomineed in the Western Canada Music Awards as an outstanding istrumental recording. 

(Click on the picture to listen the music on youtube)
The works in the album:

Tracing - Dizi (Chinese Flute) & Percussion
Gazing at the Deep Blue Sea - Chinese Instruments Septet 
No Rush - Trio for Percussion Erhu Zheng 
Awakening - Chinese Instruments with Japanese Taiko
Hou Yi shooting the Suns - Chinese instruments ensemble

The CD is distrabted in the in the  Canadian Music Centre and collected some public libraries in Canada.
Collabrated with Beijing DaZang and Shen Yang Conservatory of Music, Produced an album of music for Kong Hou in 2012. In the CD, Jin arrangement 10 pieces for Kong Hou trio, duet and konghou with other Chinese and western instruments. The CD was published in China and distrabuted in the whole county.   

​(Click on the picture to listen the music on youtube)