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Welcome to Composer and Conductor Jin Zhang's Site

2010, Vancouver Chinese Culture Centre issued an Artistic Award to Jin Zhang.

The ceremony was held at Chan Centre of University of British Columbia.  S.K. Lee gives the cerfication to Mr. Zhang

The president of Vancouver Chinese Culture Center is on the stage.  

2011, Jin Zhang visited Yun Nan Conservatory of Arts and had a workshop on composition and electronic music. At the time, Mr. Zhang was appointed as a guest professor of the conservatory. 
Jin Zhang traveled to Hu Nan province of China to study the Tu Nation traditional percussion music. 

The project received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts
Jin Zhang travelled the Yan Nan Province of China to study folk music. After returning to Vancouver, Mr. Zhang had a presentation at the General Library in Vancouver. The event was hosted by the Vancouver Inter culture Orchestra. Based on the study, Jin composed number of music compositions. The compositions had repeated performances in Vancouver, Toronto and China.

The trip to Yun Nan was financially supported by the Canada Council for the Arts
2015, Jin Zhang was invited to be a conductor and resident composer in Calsamaggiore International Music Festival.

In the festival, Mr. Zhang conducted the festival orchestra to perform his composition written for string quartet and orchestra "Variations on a Theme of Tu Nation in Huan Province of China."
With conducting teacher, widely respected great conductor in China Zheng Xiao Ying. Under her arrangements, Mr. Zhang conducted the Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra as a guest conductor. In the concerts, besides the classical works, the orchestra also performed Jin's composition "The Voices from Gold mountain", "Green Winds" and others. 
Conducted the Vancouver Youth Sympony Orchestra to premiere his symphonic poem "The Voices from Gold Mountain".

The work was commissioned by the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra with a grant from the Government of Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). It is a symphonic tribute to the early Chinese Canadian immigrants who struggled to build new lives in Canada despite great adversity.

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Jin and the team of the online project "High Muck A Muck - playing Chinese" received the main prize at a new media international competion in UK 2016

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Received Music Heritage Award in Gold Maple Film Festival 2017

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